As you know SEO is continuously evolving and search engines algorithms are becoming smarter.

And therefore it’s important to discuss, what will be more important for SEO in 2018?

What to consider for future SEO? And Why?


In this guide, you’ll learn: How to dominate yourself for search engines in 2018.

As you know engineers behind Google, Bing, Yahoo or whatever search engine you’re using is continuously working to show the best results to their users.

So the changes are coming daily without any prior notice, but major updates come when the year is changed, many new things (big things) are implemented to improve results.

Through which many websites can go down deep or come up to 1st page.

As Google makes 500-600 changes in algorithms per year to provide better results to its users.

So let’s see what is changing in 2018 for search engine optimization.

If you’re new to SEO, then learn and understand What SEO is?

SEO in 2018, What’s more Important?

  1. Optimize for Voice Search.
  2. Linkless Backlinks.
  3. Google Mobile First Index.
  4. Focus on  Long Tail Keywords.
  5. User Experience is more Important.
  6. Don’t Forget Video SEO.
  7. Long Form Content Wins

1. Optimize for Voice Search

Google says, 20% of all searches on mobile are voice searches, source.

Voice searches are increasing day by day, and in near future, voice-searches will rule Google. The use of digital assistants is increasing.


Voice-Search‘40% of adults now use voice search once per day’, source.

Due to rise in voice search, search engine queries are becoming more natural and long-tailed i.e. in a conversational tone.

As digital assistants are improving, there will be more users using voice search features. According to the Google, 1 out, 5 queries is done using voice search.

How to optimize your content for Voice Search?

As I said earlier, in voice search people tends to use long-tail phrases, because it’s natural.

  1. Make sure your content is well written and in rankings in Google’s search engine.
  2. Answer more questions in your Blog Posts.

voice search optimization

2. Linkless Backlinks

For years, search engines have used links as authority and trust signals. The more authority links pointing to relevant pages the more importance it has in Google’s eyes.

Therefore, link building becomes an important part of SEO strategy.

But not anymore!

Linkless mentions may be the next big thing for off-page SEO.

Search engines analyze our content fully so it’s not difficult for them to found brand mentions and use them for trust signal.

And Bing confirmed that they are using linkless mentions for ranking, which is one of the biggest reasons I believe that Google might be using unlinked mention for ranking or near future they’ll be adding linkless mentions as ranking factor with the same weightage of links mentions.

How to know about our Brand ‘Linkless mentions’?

In this era, it’s not difficult to find linkless mentions of your brand. And Google has solved this problem for us.

To find out you have to add your brand name in Google alerts. And everytime your brand name gets mentioned you’ll get an email from Google in your entered email inbox.

Linkless mentions

3. Prepare for Google’s ‘Mobile First Index’

SEO in 2018 might be changing because last year Google announced that they’ll be switching towards ‘mobile first index’.

Simply, if this will be the year of deploying ‘mobile-first-index’, then Google will prefer your mobile version not only for mobile but for Desktop users too.

Because mobile search has a market share of 60%, and it is only going to grow.

Google’s mobile-first index isn’t live yet, so it’s high time to make your website mobile friendly if it isn’t.

The two main things you have to consider for ‘Mobile First Index’:

1.Google recommends moving your m. version site to Responsive design.

2.You must have the same content across mobile and Desktop site.

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4. More Focus towards Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail phrases are more specific and natural words that visitors are like to use when searching specific things.

This is why Long-tail keywords are considered as highly targeted keywords, and it is one of the best ways to get highly targeted traffic.

Long-tail phrases are preferred by marketers because they are highly targeted and less competitive (easy to rank).

According to Ahrefs, 40% of the visits through search engine comes from Long-tails keywords.

But, it is more then it seems, because voice search is increasing day-by-day, as I said before, 1 out 5 queries is done using voice search.

In voice search, people say words which are of-course natural i.e. long-tail keywords. This is the reason use of long-tail keywords is increased.

5. Work on User Experience

User Experience (UX) is the key to future SEO because it is the first impression to the users when they visit a website.

UX is important because people want clean and attractive designs.

Users love good design and easily navigational website. If user loves your website, Google will love your website and vice versa.

One of the best examples of user experience is Apple’s website.

apple-user experience

6. Don’t Forget Video SEO

You like Visualization? Yes, I love it!

This is what people prefer, people love to see video contents.

The video is actually Booming, As YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine after Google, but it seems Youtube will rule in near future. As YouTube is owned by Google itself, you have more chances to get rank on the first page.

Because Google is showing YouTube videos in featured snippets i.e. ‘Position Zero’. Google didn’t stop here it is also featuring videos in Images section too.

Didn’t believe me? See the below image:

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youtube video featured snippet

This means Google has increased more opportunity for marketers and SEOs. In future, Google will surely add video in featured snippets.

As I said earlier, people love video content.

So, try to embed relevant video in your blog posts, this will surely increase your dwell time which will surely boost your rankings.

7. In-Depth Content Wins

In old days, search engine analyzes keyword density of pages, that how many times you have used the specific term on the page.

But, it’s not same anymore, Google and other search engines now check many other things.

It’s not that it is used to be before, only writing words, words will not get you rank. Now, you have to add valuable content, make it creative i.e. you have to focus on context and make it easy for users.

What to do for better rankings?

As you know Google primary focus is to show best relevant results to its users. And in this AI technology spammy content is not going to rank.

Now, you have to focus on the in-depth article.

And according to the recent studies, the in-depth content is getting more exposure on Google and rank highly.

Content ranking on highly competitive keywords is minimum 2000 words. In fact, the more detailed content is the more chances it will get more exposure on Google easily and shortly.

how many words content rank

How to Win On Google for Content?

When spiders crawl the page, they boldly check:

  • H1 [Use it only 1 time i.e. in Title Tags, don’t use an h1 tag in content].
  • Title [First thing user see on Google, very important for C.T.R].
  • Meta description [Second thing user see on Google].
  • URL [Clean URL is necessary].
  • Image ALT text [Users love images, image search are increasing].
  • Heading Tags [Break your content into headings for easy understand].

but make sure that you don’t keyword-stuff these things be natural.

Now It’s Your Turn

So, these things will be dominating for SEO in 2018. Make sure you implement these as soon as possible before it’s too late.

Now, I want to know, what of these things you believe will affect SEO most and Why?

I’ll be waiting for your answers in comments below.

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